Knitting, Dying & Finishing

A large variety of circular knit and warp knit fabrics are produced in-house exclusively for the garments production units. With 145 circular knitting machines from Pai-Lung and Mayer & Cie equipped with spandex attachments and extra gauge cylinders we are capable of producing fabrics ranging from 100% cotton, polyester, nylon, mélange, micro-fibers and numerous blends with or without spandex and yarn dyed or solid dyed fabrics. Our machines range from 28GG to 46GG with various diameters and produce Single Jersey, Pique, Interlock, Rib, Engineering stripe up to 6 colors and 3 thread fleece with a combined capacity of 35 MT/day.

Tricot, Raschel and Simplex machines in various gauges produce warp knit fabrics in greige, solid dyed or yarn dyed, with or without Spandex. To support the warp knit production ridged and elastane warping was set up with all machineries from Karl Mayer. Warp knit fabrics range in variety from Charmeuse, mesh, velour, powernet, satinette, simplex and more with a combined capacity of 224,000 Meters/month.

The Dyeing department is equipped with beam, jig and jet dyeing machines in various sizes suitable for cotton, spandex cotton, polyamide, polyester, viscose, and various blends. The finishing department is equipped with both open width & tubular finishing machinery. The finishing section is equipped with a stenter, open-width dryer, tubular-dryer, Tumble dryer, open-width/tubular compactor and open width scouring and relaxing suitable for enzyme finish, silicone finish or other specialized finish (e.g. Teflon coating, antimicrobial coating etc). In addition to all the options for chemical finishing, the department is equipped with sued / peach finishing machines for mechanical finishes. For Fleece fabrics, the finishing section is equipped with raising machines, brushing machine and shearing machine.