Intimate apparels are unique because it has to accomplish the demand of anatomical function as well as meet the intimate fashion desires of the individual. During the last half of the 20th century intimate apparels broke away from the social constrains and became the domain of women. Brassiere and panty design has derived new vitality from the entry of large number of women into the work place and better health awareness. Modern brassieres are much lighter weight and fits comfortably to the contours of modern women. The concept of perfect fit brassiere evolved only in the last few decades from the new fabrics and CAD based designs. A modern brassiere is one that is manufactured to fit perfectly and yet fulfills your intimate fashion desires. Apex Lingerie Limited's philosophy is to produce modern brassiere for the modern women. ALL has focused on the mid to up market product quality, materials and styles, but at a lower to mid-market price range.